Saturday, August 16, 2008

O.R.E.O. Pudding

Ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie!

This is the jingle you will be singing when you make this pudding. Your family will love you for it. It is so easy you can even make it with the kids. They will love crushing up those cookies for you.


1 8 oz. pkg cream cheese softened
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 large tub whip topping
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 bag Oreo cookies

Place cookies in a ziploc bag and crush with rolling pin.

In large bowl combine all ingredients except cookies and blend together with and electric mixer. Add cookies stir until they are mixed in well.

You can make individual serving cups and garnish with strawberries or leave it all in one big bowl. Chill the pudding for at least and hour before serving.

Yummy in my tummy!

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  1. Now who doesn't love oreo cookies and cream cheese omg!

  2. Oh................golly gee whiz!
    I think I can make this! Oh, Im so excited...this is a real possibility...fingers crossed!

  3. This not only sounds yummy but it is a snap to much so even a self proclaimed non baker might even attempt it! If the Muse makes this I am coming over with some coffee!!
    Score one for the cookie girl!! lol

  4. Oh this sounds so yummy! I will have to make this for the weekend. Thanks for the post. Oh no calories...right :)


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