Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winner Winner Winner!!!!!!

Before I announce the winner of the Carolyn's Kitchen Vintage Apron I must say the best part for me was reading all the funny comments and then seeing my sweet valentine Chloe' draw the winner just moments ago.

So here we go. All the names are in the bowl.....

Chloe' reaches in with excitement.....

Drum Roll Please!..........

And the WINNER is........ Sweet Jelly Bean

WooHoooo! Way to go Sweet Jelly Bean! You are the winner of my very first giveaway.


  1. Congratulations Sweet Jelly Bean!

  2. Congrats to Sweet Jelly Bean! It's an awesome prize.

    Chloe is beyond adorable! She looks like she enjoyed the drawing almost as much as you, cookie girl.

  3. Congrats! There will be some sweet cooking going on with that cute apron!! :)


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