Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living it up Easter Style

I told you I'd be back! And boy do I have a lot to show you. I have been knee deep in Easter this week. Making candy, finding a dress, taking pictures and putting baskets together. This doesn't even include my regular domestic duties. :)

I decided, on very short notice to make a large Easter basket to raffle off at our Easter dinner at church Sunday. I wanted to do something to raise extra money for VBS this year and this just kinda' popped into my head. So I gathered all of my supplies and got to work making yummy candies and gourmet apples and stuff. I even included my Peanut Butter Balls from last weeks Cookie Club recipe. I also made peanut butter fudge with a white chocolate cream cheese fudge on top as well as Coconut Lemon Crunch Candy and Dark Chocolate bunny pops with coconut cream filling. (just like a mounds) YUMMMMMMMMY! Here are some pics for you to drool over. heeheee
I have also been searching for an Easter dress for ME. Finally I found one and it actually matches Chloe's dress. I am so happy we are doing the Mommy Daughter match this year. I don't have pics of mine yet but I did take some fabulous shots of Chloe' in her dress. Wanna see?

Here you go Bloggy beautiful girl!
I still have so much more to accomplish tonight and now I'm wondering why in the world I am on this darn computer again.
So as I begin baking a Hawaiian Sunset Cake for our family dinner tomorrow I will be thinking of each of you. Then I will iron ALL of our clothes for church in the morning, put Chloe' to bed,take a shower and then watch a movie with Mr. Cookie before crashing into bed.
Wish me luck and I promise to post my Hawaiian Sunset Cake pictures too.
Lots of Cookie Love and a Happy Easter to you all.


  1. I don't know what, but I sure did something wrong - my pb balls looked NOTHING like that!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Talk about fancy pictures. You are quite good with the camera. You inspire me to be more creative with my cookie photos.

    Chloe is a knock out! You better keep her locked up until she is 30. She must take after her mother......and the dress is beautiful.

    Luck with getting everything done between now and Church. I will be thinking of you as I get the boys baskets in order...after they are visiting the sand man.

    Until later...Happy Easter!!!

  3. What a great must post about all the bidding wars over your yummy confections!!
    Terrific use of God given talents....I'm sure VBS will be a huge success!
    Chloe looks two make beautiful babies!
    Happy Easter Cookie Girl!! xo

  4. Wow, that basket of goodies looks beautiful - and I want a carmel apple. Right now! ;)

    Chloe is beyond gorgeous. I love the photo with her bare feet and that sweet little grin. You can just see how happy she is.

    And darnit, you're showing off with that camera again! What kind is it again...? I'm seeing a "breakage" in my future... bahaha.

  5. Beautiful little lady. Saw the family pics and you both look lovely...need some photos of just the two of you in your matchy gowns!

  6. I see in her eyes all the dreams and hopes of the future...she has Gods blessings, one of which is you Ms Carrie!


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