Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow + Homemade Hot Cocoa = Warm Smiles

Yay!!! We had our first snow here in the South and that makes me very happy. I love snow! My daughter who is now 4 years old has never seen a pretty snow (except on T.V.) and has been asking for one for a while. She finally got her wish.

Now I know that all of you Northern readers are scratching your head and saying, "that is not a SNOW" and yes my Christmas decorations are still up (don't judge me!)
 But for us here in the South it can be a big deal. It has been almost 17 years since we have seen a big snow (remember the blizzard of 93') WOW!!!That was crazy fun for us. I was um....15 maybe 16 at the time and had a blast! Yes I am telling my age but I'm still a big kid.
Anyway....Chloe kept checking the snow all night last night and as soon as it even layed a little she was out making snow angels. I love to see that excitement in her. 

The face she is making is so funny. She did not realize how cold it would be to lay in the snow. LOL
She was up early this morning too and immediately wanted to make a snowman. I had to do my best explaining to a 4 year old that there wasn't enough snow to make a big snowman and that we could do a little one. She didn't care and was happy to do that.
This is what we came up with and before you laugh too hard, we actually gave him a name "Peppy".

 Not my idea but see how his eye's are kind of starry? Yes that is starlight peppermints. LOL Not my idea either. I think that he is or at least his head is very cute.
Chloe is quite proud of him too.
Once we finished up we came in to warm up to some hot homemade Cocoa with marshmallows and dark chocolate shavings. That definately makes us both smile. :)

Now how would you like the recipe? you go. Just click this link. HOT COCOA
It is very easy and yummy to make. I added the marshmallows and shaved chocolate because that's just how I like it. :)
Here's to wishing for an even bigger snow this year and even more hot Cocoa.

The Cookie Girl & CG in training!


  1. OooLaLa. . . A cookie creation Blog! And Hot cocoa too - love it! We live in southern Virginia - got a dusting of snow last night - looked beautiful early this morning, but enough of the cold already!!

  2. Yay! She got her snow wish! That's so magical!

    Love the snowman!

  3. Looks like Chloe had a great time! The cocoa looks delish. That is a must have at our house.
    By the way, I love the new look!

  4. That is the coolest snow heads I have ever scene... Love the cocoa w/ shaved chocolate

  5. May I come in now? It is very cold out here.

  6. Love the snow"head", LOL!

    I lived in Michigan for 8 years... I know what SNOW is. It kills me how Southerners freak out when they hear the "S" word!

    And "blizzard of '93"??? Are you here in TN? Oh boy do I remember that! (I've been in TN for over 20 years now...)

  7. I just found your it! I can totally relate about the snow! I am in Austin, Texas and I have never seen "real" snow. Whenever it snows (well ices) we all go crazy!!! haha!

  8. So fun! Found your blog on SITS today! Love it! Chloe can move to UT...we have more snow here than we need.

    Peppy is very cute, and I love his starry eyes! LOVE COOKIES! I have even blogged an ode to them a few times. :)

  9. What a perfect day! Stopping by from SITS!

  10. Sweetest snowman I've ever seen and I live in Vermont. Well done!

  11. A little bit of snow and hot cocoa is what winter is all about! Sounds like you had a ton of fun!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  12. How cute! Looks like you all had big fun!

  13. Oh I just adore that little snow person! :) I made a snow penguin once...a long time ago. I still have the photo.


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