Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's SNOW good to see you...Happy New Year!

Well, Well, Well....How in the world are you?  Me?  I am doing just fine, thanks for asking!
How long has it been? Oh, seems like years doesn't it? Well, It has ONLY been about nine months since I last posted anything.  I seem to have lost track just a bit and left this little blog unattended. 
Can't say that much has really gone on since the last post that is blog worthy but Hey! it's a New Year so HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! 

 We have had one heck of a snow for the south.  Although we did not get out and play much due to our lingering sickness I did manage to get a few nice snapshots. 

I personally like the goofy little snowman.  It took every bit of energy we had left in us to get him together but I think he turned out quite cute. He even shows up in the dark due to all of the reflectors and glowing golf balls my husband used on him. (Take note of the eyes, mouth and buttons) 

I know this post is quite short and I do hope to have some that are more interesting along with new recipes and pictures throughout the year.  For now I bid you farewell and hope to see you around soon.

The Cookie Girl


  1. I have missed you! Adam (my youngest) are hoping for some really yummy recipes.

  2. Snow is the best! So glad to see you're back!

  3. Stop by, I tagged you on a post.


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