Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What more do you want?

Look up! See the poll at the top of this page? I have added this to find out from you what would help make my blog better. I would love to hear from you, so please take the poll and add comments to this post. Let me know what more you want from the Cookie Girl Blog. I really want this to be a great place everyone will enjoy visiting.
Let the suggestions begin!


  1. Love the recipes, keep 'em comin'! Would also love to hear about you, trips you take(business or pleasure), milestones, etc.

  2. I tried the Cocoa Mallow Cookies, came out super flat and wouldn't come off pan easily (greased pan). Any suggestions? Chill for hour?

  3. I took your poll and picked recipes. I love the recipes...cookies...yummmmm!

    Would also love to hear more about your everyday life. I think it's healing to read about others and what they face daily....then we don't feel so alone. Or at least I don't feel so alone. ;)

  4. Popped in to say hello and that I love your blog!



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